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Ian Patterson Describes His Disability as… Interesting

Ian Patterson concentrated on the 3D printer that had recently plugged up. He had his wheelchair positioned

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American Council of the Blind Makes Accessibility Key

Eric Bridges begins each day by making the U.S. more accessible for the blind community, his family, and himself. As Executive Director for the American Council of the Blind, he carries...

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3D Printers Brings Hands… and Happiness

Want the hand of a superhero? Now days you can with Wolverine... or awaken the source when you pull out your Star Wars light saber... or become Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. According to the latest news, prosthetic limbs...

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Is There Beef In That Burger?

When I started reading about 3D printing as an industry, I did not believe I would see food as a category. While it is not generally in large supply yet, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) showed its interest...

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The Next Wave In Prosthetics – 3D Printing

In high school Nanette had a prosthetic arm made of plastic. She wore it because she felt it made her look more "normal" and kept her from being called out. She didn't have any finger...

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Are Unlimited Vacation Days Coming?

LinkedIn, Virgin Group, and Netflix have decided that an unlimited vacation policy is the only policy their businesses need when it comes to time off. It turns out that less than 1% of the companies in the U.S. have unlimited vacation policies. So what do Jeff Weiner, Richard Branson, and Reed Hastings know that we don't?

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Do You Say “Yes” or “No” to Mission Statements?

When was the last time you thought about your mission statement? Are you following it or did you just stick it in a drawer somewhere? If you are working for a company...

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10 -10 – 10

10-10-10. It's not the combination to my lock at the health club. It's one new way to think about decision making. 10-10-10 stands for 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years.

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OMG, I’ve Made A Mistake!

How frequently do you fear hearing that same phrase, despite your best efforts to go about your job without making any mistakes? For some reason, mistakes seem like a four letter word in some companies. Management thinks that the assumptions...

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Engagement… Do We Ask The Right Questions?

Lately I have been wondering about employer engagement and why it always seems to be so low. In a recent Gallup survey, 34.1% of the people polled said...

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