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I Admit to Doing Something Foolish

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The plan for this week’s blog had been to unveil the 3rd element in the Corporate Emotional Intelligence (CEQ™) model: the Employee User Experience (EUX™). Unfortunately, yesterday my hard drive died and I’m still waiting to see if it’s possible to retrieve data.

The foolish thing? Not having backed up in the past 3 weeks. Shame on me. So, let’s turn lemons into lemonade. Here’s your reminder. Please take a moment to protect your data some time today. Now that the public service announcement is over, let’s dwell on the positive.

Now for the good news!

Caroline Adams Miller to Speak at Positive Business DC

Next Thursday (1/31), Positive Business DC is hosting its second Meetup at Teqcorner. Caroline Adams Miller will share how setting goals leads to happiness and success.

While I’ve never met Caroline, ever since we announced the event, people have come forward and raved about the quality of her seminars.

Caroline is also a well-known author. Her books include My Name is Caroline, Feeding the Soul, and Bright Words for Dark Days. Her next book, Positively Caroline will come out in April.

Thursday’s event is the second in our Well-being in the Workplace speaker series. If you live or work in the Metro DC area, please stop by and see what Positive Business DC is all about. Our first event rocked the house. A lot of people stayed to chat until the building closed. I’ve never experienced a Meetup with that kind of energy before.

Register now!

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