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You Can’t Speak Without Words

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How do you know when your speech becomes impaired? Well… after my stroke, my speech was a total mess.

In HealthSouth, they had a Speech Pathologist who started me on the road to recovery. She brought in simple sentences and structures so I could work on the very basics of recovery. If I’m honest, they had no idea how far I would come. When I went home two weeks later, the Speech Pathologist felt proud of what I had done and encouraged me to continue with outpatient therapy.

I actually liked the Speech Pathologist that came into our home. Bev was on time and really challenged me to try things that seemed impossible. Actually, they would have been impossible without her support. When it came time to cut the cord due to our health insurance coverage, we asked her to stay on. Three weeks later she said I had all the tricks in the bag and would do well enough my own. Woo hoo!

But that wasn’t really the end. Recently, my husband has noted that my speech had degraded and that I can often not get out complex thoughts succinctly. I thought he was kidding until the other night when I read one the books we have on hand. You have what you keep… as long as you keep using it. I guess I will have to find another place to use my “speaking” voice so that actually have one when I need it.

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