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Is There Beef In That Burger?

When I started reading about 3D printing as an industry, I did not believe I would see food as a category. While it is not generally in large supply yet, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) showed its interest in 3D printing by partnering with 3D Systems last year. Now, learning to use ChefJet Pro has come into the food classroom.

Take Time Analyze

[Background music.]     It seems like I am 5 years old again. I can hear the Star Trek music in the background. Kirk has just ordered a replicated steak for dinner. He seems to like it. Would I?    [Fade out.]

In fact, meat is one of the tougher things to master. It’s production of printable biomaterials is a task that will take several years to get right. The steak not only has to look good, it needs to be appealing to the palate. Replicating taste and texture will take time to reproduce and that will take a while.

Cake Toppers?

Hershey’s has also begun to experiment with 3D printing. Last year they started replicating chocolate designs… and can do almost anything. Want to imitate yourself in chocolate? You just have a picture taken and uploaded to a library of graphics used by the 3D printer. Then, using the machine’s iPad, you choose your picture as your design.

Individual bunnies for Easter sounds like a great idea. Or a novel approach might be the bride and groom on the wedding cake. The ideas keep coming if you like this sort of thing.

No Hunger In The Future

So, where will 3D printing in food go? Some say that it will change the world by using materials that we don’t see as cuisine become popular and give us a means to feed 12 billion people. They are now adding mealworms to a shortbread cookie recipe. Hmm. I think it’s a good thing we have labels on our food products. I want to know what I’m eating. Although, they just might be better than I think.

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