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About Business

Just imagine that you are Bates Creative Group in Maryland. The firm hires young, edgy professionals that blend client stories that pop with creative, unusual design that rings true for each client.

Your problem? You can’t tell your own story. For more than a year, your new website sat on the sidelines waiting for copy. Client work kept just coming in and you can’t make upgrades to the site. That’s when you call me, because I tell the story from your perspective. The story sounds just like you did it yourselves… but with a twist.

How It Worked

I set up shop in their studio so I could see the team in action. Employees talked with me, and I learned some amazing things. For example:

Image of Kadoo team meeting.

Typical Team Meeting

  • Cecile talked of traveling to Italy. There, she observed Italian renaissance art first-hand. This experience fueled her passion for artistic symbolism.
  • Ernie expressed a compassionate drive to inspire designers to push the boundaries of creativity. He stimulates the team to eclipse their performance with each new project.
  • Debbie’s entrepreneurial trailblazing skills, combined with her natural ability to connect with people on a personal level, makes fostering relationships natural for her. Bates Creative attracts a national clientele of top Fortune 100 companies, influential associations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

I went away to come up with content that would match their creative design. When I returned, each person chose one of the three stories I had drafted about them. I polished one story per person… and portrayed the essence of who made up Bates Creative.

Finishing Up

When done, the Bates Creative website showed clients what’s important to them in a way that no one could replicate. You know from looking at their website whether this particular firm fits with your style.

Don’t Sound Like the Competition

A lot of times you hear the competition saying the same things over… and over… and over again. Not here. I work with companies who are motivated to stand out in the high-tech, nonprofit, and healthcare fields.

You Might Not Know What to Write… But I Do

If you’re too busy to write your own content, or you look at a blank screen and think “I don’t know what to write,” then I can help. My name is Marcia Moran, and I am the Performance Architect.

Need to know more? Email me directly or call me at 571.766.6250.

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