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Posts from the ‘Employee Experience Design’ Category

The Employee “User” Experience

Design matters across all aspects of an organization, from products and services to processes and how we deal with people. And while relatively few companies do it well—yet—the spotlight of what great design delivers will transform the quality of the brand (i.e. employee and customer experience) across industries because consumers are starting ‘get it’ on a large scale.

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The Micromanagement Death Spiral

You recently landed your dream job and you feel fantastic! Now, you've figured out how to make an important project sing. After mocking up the idea, you head happily to the boss' office. And then... ZAP! Your manager rips the feelings and pride and excitement from your chest as she utters disgustedly, "That is NOT how I told you to do it!"

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The Secret Behind Getting the Right People on the Bus

Looking back over 2012 (and ahead into 2013), I realize that my priorities have shifted rather dramtically. In the past, my thinking was way too small. It used to be that I strived to be the best leader with whom the people on my team had ever worked. While that statement seems really egotistical, it isn't.

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Intent Shapes Corporate Self-awareness

Does your mission statement inspire people... or is it just a piece of paper that hangs in the lobby in a fancy frame? A few simple steps take you vision statement, mission statement, and values from from lifeless documents to the inspiration that breathes the very life into your company.

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Bates Creative Group: To Ignition Point and Beyond

I knew that Bates Creative Group had established something marvelous the first time I walked through the door. The company's 'specialness' comes from a community-based culture that a lot of contemporary organizations talk about but a rare few achieve. Founder Debbie Bates-Schrott has deliberately formed and nurtured an authentic work environment in which:

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