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Overfunding through Crowdfunding Hamstrings Performance

By their very nature, startups operate on shoestring budgets. Thirty percent of new businesses fail in the first two years of operation; 50% fail within five years. While lack of funding may contribute to some of these failures, overfunding can lead to the same dismal results. See why an oversubscribed crowdfunding project may struggle despite its jackpot-sized influx of cash.

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Misreading Opportunities

The size of a business opportunity is really a matter of perception. Founders (and employees) who work for startups often hang on long after the real opportunity has passed them by. See what causes the size of the opportunity to diminish over time.

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Women Owned Startups Get 70% Less Investment

Women entrepreneurs receive less funding than their male counterparts. And yet, research shows that women bootstrap more effectively, have a higher success rate when it comes to starting sustainable businesses, and generate greater long-term profits. Many of the funding discrepancies may stem from the way we learn to communicate as children.

Startups need both men and women to achieve optimal performance.

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