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A Sea Change Is Coming

With 5 generations in the workforce, it’s about time we looked at the values and differences that each person has to offer at work. It is time to change because the old way of doing things hasn’t worked.

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The Micromanagement Death Spiral

You recently landed your dream job and you feel fantastic! Now, you've figured out how to make an important project sing. After mocking up the idea, you head happily to the boss' office. And then... ZAP! Your manager rips the feelings and pride and excitement from your chest as she utters disgustedly, "That is NOT how I told you to do it!"

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Can Companies Be Self-aware?

In my mind... yes. Those that have a high degree of self-awareness build the strongest brands and have ultra-dedicated employees who, in turn, build a large customer base of raving fans. Think Apple, Amazon, Zingerman's, and Zappos. These companies' market dominance begins with leadership, a strong sense of purpose, and some very deliberate decisions that enable them to get 'the right people on the bus.'

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The Secret Behind Getting the Right People on the Bus

Looking back over 2012 (and ahead into 2013), I realize that my priorities have shifted rather dramtically. In the past, my thinking was way too small. It used to be that I strived to be the best leader with whom the people on my team had ever worked. While that statement seems really egotistical, it isn't.

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