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Posts from the ‘Planning’ Category

10 -10 – 10

10-10-10. It's not the combination to my lock at the health club. It's one new way to think about decision making. 10-10-10 stands for 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years.

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The Meaning of Lifecycle

The debate about whether strategy or structure should come first is not a new one. And yet, I would say that the discussion is not material. The majority of companies I've observed experience a disconnect between their key strategy and structure… and completely miss the magnitude of how company and industry lifecycles factor into their potential for survival and long-term success.

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Saying ‘Yes’ Has High Opportunity Cost

For founders, the ability to say 'no' is a critical success factor. The most successful entrepreneurs demonstrate focus and discipline. Founders that pursue too many opportunities dilute their ability to execute and set the company up for failure. 'Shiny object syndrome' also indicates that a leader has not developed a framework that enables management to objectively weigh the merit of opportunities that might truly make the business great.

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Value – Where Passion & Logic Intersect

For many entrepreneurs, the relationship they have with their business (or the product/service they invented) is like a torrid love affair filled with passion and emotion. An emotionally vested entrepreneur often has trouble listening to alternative views on value. And that's a fundamental mistake. Here's why...

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Do You Know What You Measure… Or Measure What You Know?

Managers look in the rear view mirror to project future performance. Yet, past and future performance are often unrelated. Changing circumstances help you see the holes in your way of thinking.

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