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Posts from the ‘Positive Business DC’ Category

I Admit to Doing Something Foolish

Another example you need to back up your computer on a regular basis.

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Using Strengths to the Point of Weakness

Doug Hensh, founder of myHappier, revealed the 5½ Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs last Thursday when he kicked off Positive Business DC's Well-being in The Workplace speaker series. Doug teaches people how to become more resilient and helps businesses develop more engaged, creative, and productive workforces through his expertise in positive psychology.

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Positive Business DC Advocates Well-being in the Workplace

Positive Business DC is a group of like-minded professionals applying the science behind positive psychology, neuroscience, and neuroleadership to foster well-being in the workplace. We believe that how well one takes care of the people within an organization drives competitiveness and profitability, and that well-being can be taught. Learn how you can become part of our community.

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