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Posts from the ‘post stroke’ Category

Video Games Come to Life

Games didn't mean much to me before my stroke. Oh, one would come around every now and then like Ice Age or Norse by Norse West. Who doesn't like a big...

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An Anniversary I Will Remember

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of my stroke. I remember how people reacted when I told them I had one. My friends...

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My Second Chance at Networking

If you feel as introverted as I do, then networking seems like the last thing you want to do. I started blogging for Modern DC Business in 2011 so I would have a reason to talk to people. These entrepreneurs had very good stories that begged to be told. Writing something compelling...

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A Red Chicken Comes Home

Ok. I'll admit that it's a rooster.

Before my stroke, I painted regularly. My sister gave me my first class when we visited one year. That first painting was dreadful. Even so, it was a fun gift to try and I had a good time painting. You could imagine my surprise when she sent her paints later that same year. The message was clear. Start painting.

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Huckleberry Pancakes or Mud Pies?

I spent the week thinking the about all the things that were happening, what I would write about. And then this morning I woke up and made my husband breakfast. We are on the verge of planning a difference in our nutritional requirements and I wanted to have one more weekend of breakfasts that we would call our own.

I failed.

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