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Posts from the ‘Stroke’ Category

Nothing in My Fridge… Any More

Well, that may not actually be the case. Today I purged my fridge and cabinets of almost all of the ingredients the Dr. said I needed to clear out of my life.

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No Eggs, No Cheese

Well, the verdict is in, but it's not related to the stoke. I am allergic to eggs, cheese, yeast... and a whole lot of other things. The first question I asked the Doctor was something like this:

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Washington, DC experienced 2-3 inches of snow today. Most people would call it ugly weather. The kids had an awful time getting to school. Their parents had an 'interesting' time on the way to work.

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After a Stroke – What Comes Next?

That is a good question. Nine months and six days ago, I had my stroke. It has been a weird experience regaining my faculties. And, I am the first to admit, they haven't all come back yet. This will tell the ups and downs of my days.

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