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Behind the Mask: Scarlett O’Hara

As a fictional character, Scarlett O'Hara provides a prime example of what can happen when the wrong person wields power in uncertain times. Her behavior consistently crossed ethical boundaries. Scarlett's manipulative and authoritarian styles (amplified by desperation to survive, or even thrive) forced others to cross those boundaries with her. People had a choice (but didn’t see it) because taking a stand would have challenged the social conventions they held so dear. People felt more comfortable gossiping about Scarlett’s outrageous behavior than addressing issues directly. That was their critical mistake.

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Behind The Mask: Carnac The Magnificent

Mindreading makes a great comedy sketch, but it is the least effective communication style leaders can use. Why then, does it seem so prevalent?

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The Masquerade Ball

When workplace politics enters the picture, the amount and quality of work completed slows to a trickle. People put on personas to deal with the challenges associated with a bad boss and backstabbing or overbearing co-workers. An authoritarian, or Because I Said So leadership style often lies at the root of this kind of organizational dysfunction.

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