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Ian Patterson Describes His Disability as… Interesting

Ian Patterson concentrated on the 3D printer that had recently plugged up. He had his wheelchair positioned

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American Council of the Blind Makes Accessibility Key

Eric Bridges begins each day by making the U.S. more accessible for the blind community, his family, and himself. As Executive Director for the American Council of the Blind, he carries...

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“Zentangle” Your Way To Less Stress

Life at the office has left you feeling frustrated. It didn’t seem to matter what you accomplished, it felt wrong. Now, you feel stressed and anxious and really don’t know what to do about it. Do you just stew on it and become even angrier? Do you tell your friends? you try something different called Zentangle?

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A Sea Change Is Coming

With 5 generations in the workforce, it’s about time we looked at the values and differences that each person has to offer at work. It is time to change because the old way of doing things hasn’t worked.

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