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The Right Side Takes Off

When driving to the gym the other day, I realized that I had adjusted the rear-view mirror with my right hand. For the first time in 9+ months, the right hand did something without thinking.

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You Can’t Speak Without Words

How do you know when your speech becomes impaired? Well... after my stroke, my speech was a total mess.

In HealthSouth, they had a Speech Pathologist who started me on the road to recovery. She brought in simple sentences and structures so I could work on the very basics of recovery. If I'm honest, they had no idea how far I would come.

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The Stroke Left Me Right-footed

Okay, I really don't know if that's true. But my right foot stays on the outside of my body if I don't pay attention. It is not obvious to the casual looker, but the masseuse gave me a hard time today when she worked on my leg.

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The Stroke and Teres Minor Muscle

Today I had my first session in the gym since the holidays... and I went in with a little trepidation. Lyn Loy, my Physical Therapist, generally gives me a really good workout. Today we caught up with what happened over the holidays. Then I shared my story about falling off of the SPRI ball when working out. My shoulder has felt bad since the day a pinged it two weeks ago. Nothing seems to make it improve.

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Nothing in My Fridge… Any More

Well, that may not actually be the case. Today I purged my fridge and cabinets of almost all of the ingredients the Dr. said I needed to clear out of my life.

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No Eggs, No Cheese

Well, the verdict is in, but it's not related to the stoke. I am allergic to eggs, cheese, yeast... and a whole lot of other things. The first question I asked the Doctor was something like this:

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Washington, DC experienced 2-3 inches of snow today. Most people would call it ugly weather. The kids had an awful time getting to school. Their parents had an 'interesting' time on the way to work.

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After a Stroke – What Comes Next?

That is a good question. Nine months and six days ago, I had my stroke. It has been a weird experience regaining my faculties. And, I am the first to admit, they haven't all come back yet. This will tell the ups and downs of my days.

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9 trends for 2014 and beyond

Who says enterprise IT is boring? Big ideas and bold new tech are shaking things up like never before, so it’s time to consider the long-term implications


How identity is the new security.

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Shannon Polly, MAPP, to Present at International Day of Happiness Conference Sponsored by en*theos ( | Positive Business DC

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Shannon Polly, MAPP Washington, DC — March 18, 2014 – Positive Business DC today announced that co-founder Shannon Polly, MAPP, was selected to pre

Marcia Moran‘s insight:

Today is UN International Day of Happiness. Don’t miss out on living a more fulfilling life. #happyday @positivebizdc @entheosdotcom

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