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The Employee “User” Experience

Design matters across all aspects of an organization, from products and services to processes and how we deal with people. And while relatively few companies do it well—yet—the spotlight of what great design delivers will transform the quality of the brand (i.e. employee and customer experience) across industries because consumers are starting ‘get it’ on a large scale.

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Overfunding through Crowdfunding Hamstrings Performance

By their very nature, startups operate on shoestring budgets. Thirty percent of new businesses fail in the first two years of operation; 50% fail within five years. While lack of funding may contribute to some of these failures, overfunding can lead to the same dismal results. See why an oversubscribed crowdfunding project may struggle despite its jackpot-sized influx of cash.

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Fascination with Devices Hamstrings Team Performance

Do you ever think that perhaps we’re a little too fascinated with our devices? It seems as if we view being always available for people to call, email, or text us as a professional courtesy. And it is... to those people are trying to reach us while we're in meetings. But, every time you interact with your device you tell the other people in the room they're not important. The simple act of banning devices in meetings can change cultural dynamics in a very powerful way.

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