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Open for Business

The subliminal signs we give in the workplace are sometimes more influential than the over ones. For example, If you've ever had a manager with an open door policy, you know what I mean. Either the door is truly open and you can have frank conversations, or the executive has a misguided perception of what having an 'open door' should mean to an organization.

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How to Shift from Miscommunication to Performance

Sometimes talking "at" each other lies at the root of miscommunication. If you find yourself saying the same thing over and over to employees without changing outcomes, then you've got to try new ways to get them on the same page. See what happened when I modified an old Management by Objectives (MBO) framework.

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Behind The Mask: Carnac The Magnificent

Mindreading makes a great comedy sketch, but it is the least effective communication style leaders can use. Why then, does it seem so prevalent?

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Women Owned Startups Get 70% Less Investment

Women entrepreneurs receive less funding than their male counterparts. And yet, research shows that women bootstrap more effectively, have a higher success rate when it comes to starting sustainable businesses, and generate greater long-term profits. Many of the funding discrepancies may stem from the way we learn to communicate as children.

Startups need both men and women to achieve optimal performance.

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