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Posts tagged ‘Employee User Experience’

Branding through Cultural Differentiation

When teams meet to talk about how to brand their companies, they often speak of becoming the "Apple" of their industries. This desire to emulate Apple shows how much more complex business has become. As leaders seek the secret to long-term growth, profitability, and relevance, they often fail to recognize differentiation stems from creating a strong culture that, in turn, becomes the customer experience.

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The Employee “User” Experience

Design matters across all aspects of an organization, from products and services to processes and how we deal with people. And while relatively few companies do it well—yet—the spotlight of what great design delivers will transform the quality of the brand (i.e. employee and customer experience) across industries because consumers are starting ‘get it’ on a large scale.

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The Micromanagement Death Spiral

You recently landed your dream job and you feel fantastic! Now, you've figured out how to make an important project sing. After mocking up the idea, you head happily to the boss' office. And then... ZAP! Your manager rips the feelings and pride and excitement from your chest as she utters disgustedly, "That is NOT how I told you to do it!"

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