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FRE to Profit from the Positive

For those of you who are thinking that there’s a typo in the title… it’s actually not a mistake. Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin shared insights on how to get more in done 2014 without working more hours in a webinar hosted by Positive Business DC. The webinar, entitled Profit from The Positive, took some pages from their book (same title, small pun intended).

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The Secret Behind Getting the Right People on the Bus

Looking back over 2012 (and ahead into 2013), I realize that my priorities have shifted rather dramtically. In the past, my thinking was way too small. It used to be that I strived to be the best leader with whom the people on my team had ever worked. While that statement seems really egotistical, it isn't.

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Using Strengths to the Point of Weakness

Doug Hensh, founder of myHappier, revealed the 5½ Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs last Thursday when he kicked off Positive Business DC's Well-being in The Workplace speaker series. Doug teaches people how to become more resilient and helps businesses develop more engaged, creative, and productive workforces through his expertise in positive psychology.

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Bates Creative Group: To Ignition Point and Beyond

I knew that Bates Creative Group had established something marvelous the first time I walked through the door. The company's 'specialness' comes from a community-based culture that a lot of contemporary organizations talk about but a rare few achieve. Founder Debbie Bates-Schrott has deliberately formed and nurtured an authentic work environment in which:

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Why 70% of Employees Dream of Leaving

More than 70% of American employees want to leave their jobs due to poor leadership and just plain bad management. Unhappiness breeds more unhappiness. More than half of senior managers say they'd like to quit. Much of this dissatisfaction stems from an authoritarian leadership style. Turning a dysfunctional workplace around takes hard work combined with the right attitude...

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