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Overfunding through Crowdfunding Hamstrings Performance

By their very nature, startups operate on shoestring budgets. Thirty percent of new businesses fail in the first two years of operation; 50% fail within five years. While lack of funding may contribute to some of these failures, overfunding can lead to the same dismal results. See why an oversubscribed crowdfunding project may struggle despite its jackpot-sized influx of cash.

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Why Playing Nice Doesn’t Work

The phrase, "I can work with anyone," raises a big red flag and may indicate that your people spend more time dodging political landmines than doing their work. See what happened in "Suzie's" case...

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How to Shift from Miscommunication to Performance

Sometimes talking "at" each other lies at the root of miscommunication. If you find yourself saying the same thing over and over to employees without changing outcomes, then you've got to try new ways to get them on the same page. See what happened when I modified an old Management by Objectives (MBO) framework.

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Why 70% of Employees Dream of Leaving

More than 70% of American employees want to leave their jobs due to poor leadership and just plain bad management. Unhappiness breeds more unhappiness. More than half of senior managers say they'd like to quit. Much of this dissatisfaction stems from an authoritarian leadership style. Turning a dysfunctional workplace around takes hard work combined with the right attitude...

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