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Tell Your Story Well

People will talk about you. It’s human nature. So, you may as well give them something great to say about you. That’s where I come in.

Marcia Moran, Performance Architect

Marcia Moran, Performance Architect.

Leadership, human behavior, and exceptional performance really pique people’s interest and makes for phenomenal storytelling. I focus on these types of interest lines as well as cultural design to define (or redefine) the way you and other people talk about what your company does. Since they are talking anyway, let’s give then a great story to tell.

Great Copy Takes Time

What’s an employee’s first impression of your company? It could be the job description. When I write a job description, I want to know what type of person I want to hire. How will he or she behave? Once I have a great story in mind, I carefully craft it so it cries out to the persons who are interested in working for this type of company. I also describe what it’s like working as your team member.

This is actually the first measure of a “great fit” for the employee candidates and your company. Suddenly, it is easy to see who fits well and the other people who are just looking for a job. Writing of this type takes time, but you save hours by hiring the right kind of staff to fill open positions.

Job descriptions are one way I can help you. I also write business plans, blog posts, LinkedIn bios, and web copy. Please check out Writings for a longer list.

Performance Architect

The title, Performance Architect, seems odd for a writer. But… I think that everything a company writes about itself describes how well they perform. If you hire the right people, do things that your competitors can’t, and make a difference in the world, then you build your company one brick, or one gigabyte, at a time. You can communicate your awesome experience through blog posts, tweets, magazine articles, and the website itself. People will talk about you (and your company) in glowing terms by retelling the personal stories that I created.

Interested? Email me directly or call me at 571.766.6250.

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